NIRVE  warrants to the original owner the replacement of original components and equipment of NIRVE bicycles due to defects in the material and/or workmanship according to the following conditions and limitations:


1) Warranty coverage on bicycle frames and rigid forks extends for the lifetime of the bicycle while owned by the original retail purchaser, except for the following bicycles:


a) Chopper Models with any modifications on original equipment

b) Any Cruiser Model with any modifications on original equipment


2. The components, other than frame and fork are warranted for 1 (one) year. Suspension forks and Springer Fork models are excluded from this warranty.


3. The original owner shall pay all freight and labor charges connected with the warranty and parts changeover.


4. IN NO EVENT SHALL NIRVE BE RESPONSIBLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.


5. This warranty is limited to the original retail purchaser ONLY and is not transferable.


6. Normal wear, accident, abuse, neglect, improper assembly, improper maintenance by other then the Authorized dealer or use of parts of devices not consistent with the use originally intended for the bicycle as sold are not covered by this warranty.


7. In order to exercise your rights under this limited warranty, the complete bicycle must be presented to an authorized NIRVE dealer for inspection, together with a receipt, bill of sale and other appropriate written proof of purchase, which identifies the bicycle by serial number. For information regarding the nearest dealer, consult our website


8. This warranty is limited to replacing the defective part without charge and the company shall in no event be responsible for consequential or special damages.


9. This bicycle is not intended for use in trick riding, ramp riding, jumping, aggressive riding, riding on severe terrain, riding in severe climates, racing, riding with heavy loads, institutional or industrial use, or any similar activities; such uses may damage the bicycle, can cause serious injury to the rider, and in all cases will void this warranty. Likewise, the bicycle is not intended for use with a motor.


10. This warranty is expressly in lieu of any other warranties, any implied warranty, including any warranty of merchantability of fitness, shall be limited in duration to the duration the express warranty set forth herein.


11. The return of the warranty registration form within 30 days of purchase is a condition precedent to coverage as provided herein.


12. Unless otherwise provided, the sole remedy under the terms of this warranty or any implied warranty is limited to the replacement of defective parts with those of equal or greater value at the sole description of Nirve.


13. Paint finish and decals are warranted for one year.


14. Modification of the frame or components shall void this warrant.


15. Useful Product Life Cycle:

Every Nirve bicycle has a useful life cycle. This useful life cycle is not the same as the warranty period. The warranty identifies the period of time that Nirve will replace the product if this becomes necessary. When Nirve provides a lifetime warranty, this does not guarantee that the product will last forever. The length of the useful life cycle of a Nirve bicycle will vary depending on the type of bike, riding conditions and care the bike receives. Competition, jumping, downhill racing, free-riding, trick riding, trial riding, riding in severe conditions or climates, riding with heavy loads or any other non-standard use can substantially shorten the useful product life cycle of a Nirve bicycle. Any one or a combination of these conditions may result in an unpredictable failure of a Nirve bicycle or frame set that would not be covered by this warranty. All Nirve bicycles and frame sets should be periodically checked by an authorized Nirve dealer for indication of potential failures including cracks, corrosion, dents, deformation, paint peeling, and any other indications of potential problems, inappropriate use or abuse. These are important safety checks and very important in the prevention of accidents, bodily injury to the rider, and a shortened useful product life cycle of any Nirve bicycle. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.