Go In Style™

It doesn’t matter how far you go or how fast you pedal – a ride on a bike should always be all about fun. Soaking in the scenery Feeling the sun on your skin, the wind in your face. Enjoying the people you ride with. Riding a bike puts you back in touch with your surroundings and your friends with an immediacy that’s unmatched. You’re right there, fully immersed in the sounds, smells and sensations of the present, experiencing your locale and your pals firsthand. Riding a bike saturates the senses and the soul in a way few other activities can.


Of course, it’s great exercise too, but it never feels like the self-inflicted torture of what usually goes for exercise. Once you hop on the saddle, push off and start pedaling, you can’t help but grin and enjoy the day.


And there’s no better way to experience that joy of riding than on a Nirve. Since 1999, our goal has been to uncomplicate cycling and rollback rampant technology, to build clean and classic bikes designed specifically to make riding easy and comfortable. With a sense of style and fashion-forward sensibility guaranteed to turn heads and attract attention. Because we believe there’s no better way to get people on bikes than to make bikes they can’t help but look at and love.


Ride in comfort. Ride with confidence. Ride with style. Ride a bike you love. That’s Nirve.